i selected guitar because its something that my family have always played and have been passed down for generations of how to play guitar. i have learnt how to pick certain songs and am getting faster at it. now my goal is to learn all the basic notes for playing older classic songs.i still have questions like how to do a bar slide and many other advanced guitar methods that i have not learnt yet. at first my perspective of guitar was that i thought it was a waste of time and something that would be useless to me but as i was learning i realized how much fun guitar was and how many ways of playing guitar there were like for example country u wanna get that twangy kinda sound. in conclusion my expierience with guitar has been awesome and i am w




The career that i am interested in is diesel mechanics.This job is very interesting and can be very challenging, the wage to go with is ok depending where you go for this job. The type of work ill be doing is mainly working on big diesel oil rigs or diesel trucks. the work environment of this job is like i said depending on were you go but mainly around machinery. education required for this job is 3 to 5 years of school and at least 1 year of expirience.
the reasons i am interested in this job is because i like working with my hands and this job is 100 percent working with your hands, also because its been a big thing in my family working on machinery and vehicles. i think that i am suitable for this job because i enjoy working on things like this. i could see my self doing this job because its something that i want to pursue as an career.


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    October 2013